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Pre Market Indicator: Premarket High and Low Range for ThinkOrSwim

Premarket Range High Low Indicator for thinkorswim

Pre Market Indicator for ThinkOrSwim

Pre Market indicator for thinkorswim shows the High-Low Range with "Show Today Only" OFF
Pre Market indicator for Thinkorswim – with “Show Today Only” OFF

The Pre Market Indicator for ThinkOrSwim does just what you would assume: it plots the pre-market high and low range as lines on your chart, both during the pre market hours and the regular trading hours of the day. This way they can be used as automatic support and resistance indicators for the rest of the trading day.

You can specify if you want it to show the premarket range for today only, or all days visible on the chart. You can also easily change the line weight, style, pattern, and color. The pre market indicator is made for use with intraday charts only, and you must have “show extended hours” option checked on the chart you want to use it on.

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Pre Market Indicator plots High/Low Range with "Show Today Only" ON
Pre Market indicator plots High/Low Range – with “Show Today Only” ON

About Josiah

Hi guys, I’m Josiah, and I’m a trader/programmer from the Nashville, TN area. I recently finished up both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems at a local university and have been self-employed since then, trading and developing projects with Ruby on Rails on the side. Since I was already familiar with a certain amount of programming, and had an active interest in trading and investing, learning ThinkScript — the scripting language for the ThinkOrSwim platform — made a lot of sense, and helped me develop a platform configuration that really streamlined my trading workflow.

About the ThinkScripts

These basically came about because I got so frustrated with the limited built-in capabilities in TOS, and standalone subscription services that charge $99+/month. So I decided to learn ThinkScript so I could develop indicators and scans for myself. I still use most of these thinkscripts every day while trading.


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